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 Greetings from a food Historian wannabee

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PostSubject: Greetings from a food Historian wannabee   Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:24 pm

My dream is to be a food historian like Sandra Oliver ( author of Saltwater Foodways) I love you
I had completed 2 years of college when my husband's business went bankrupt- we lost everything: Our home, our land, the family apple orchard, and I was forced to give up my two beloved cats that were tiny kittens when I adopted them.
My husband is now 67 and on SSI, I'm unemployed (age 47): We scrape by, barely, on $1100 a month income and $101 SNAP food credit. John is type 2 diabetic; its difficult, in fact, impossible, to buy low glycemic index food on $25 weekly budget. There is a food pantry in town, but due to high demand, you're allowed a box of food only once a month: I even contacted meals on wheels, that runs out of Lexington Kentucky, to see if they deliver meals out of town(We live in richmond KY): They don't.
So I try to cope, I make my own cough drops from boiled molasses, vinegar and raw onion, and I dig up dandilion roots to add to bean stews- ask me anything about gathering wild foods.
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Greetings from a food Historian wannabee
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