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 I'm Brenda

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PostSubject: I'm Brenda   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:17 pm

Hi I am so glad I found this site!! My 7 year old daughter has reactions to corn syrup which make her appear to be ADHD and/or Bipolar. Even a small amount will cause her to be a totally different child. She is the sweetest girl, a real angel, and very creative but one starburst or dab of catsup with corn syrup and she becomes unfocused, misbehaved and out of control, followed by stomach ache, depressed mood and lack of energy.
In kindergarten, I got the you should have her checked speech and I knew it wasn't adhd because it wasn't consistent. I knew it had to be diet, we eat fairly healthy but I started noticing what she ate on the days she was out of control and after a lot of tracking I was able to trace it to corn syrup. It is amazing how it is in everything. I now shop at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Henery's Farmers Market. They are more expensive but it is so worth it. Taking her off all corn syrup has fixed the problem. Now the problem is finding things to eat when we have to eat out. Thank you for this site!!!
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I'm Brenda
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