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 All of Oroweat breads now HFCS free!!!

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PostSubject: All of Oroweat breads now HFCS free!!!   Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:51 am

A few months (a year?) back I wrote Oroweat a nice little note a few months (a year?) telling them how surprised and disappointed I was to discover that many of their breads contained HFCS and pleaded with them to consider removing it.

I always forget which ones have it and which don't and when one flavor is on sale I always have to double check the labels. It didn't sink in right away, but I wasn't encountering HFCS as often in recent weeks and didn't think much of it.

Then lo and behold today I get a letter from Oroweat saying basically thanks for sharing your concerns awhile back.... we've listened to consumers and have removed HFCS!! Along with this fantastic news were two coupons for a free Oroweat product each. Such a sweet bonus!

I wanted to share the good news and encourage everyone to not only patronize Oroweat but to spread the word to your HFCS-loathing friends! bounce

I wish the news was more widespread.... I bet Oroweat would pick up tons of business if they did a little to spread this news
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All of Oroweat breads now HFCS free!!!
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