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PostSubject: Cheesecake!!   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:45 pm

My mother treated my daughter and I to a lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I talked my daughter out of ordering a dessert and told her we'd pick up a whole cheesecake at the grocery store. I knew she wouldn't be able to finish a slice and she'd pick out a very ordinary plain :-)

Well, we swung by Walmart, and I picked up an Adam Matthews Original Cheesecake. I think it was $4.88 for eight slices (30 oz).

It dawned on me that I had forgotten to check the ingredients, but I'm happy to report no HFCS....and it was pretty darn good! But at 410 calories a slice, I think I need to split the slices in half and make it an occasional treat.
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