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 Hi, I new and wanted to introduce myself

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PostSubject: Hi, I new and wanted to introduce myself   Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:39 pm

I glad that there are so many like minded folks when it comes to HFCS.

So a little about myself, and why I don't like HFCS.

Like many of you might be I grew up in the 80's and 90's. I not sure when it happened, but by the time I was in college I was not only over weight, but I truly feel addicted to soda and anything with sugar. I never blinked at starting my day with a pop and donuts. Living out the grind of college on fastfood and sodas. Two years ago I realized that the addiction to food and sugar had to stop. The 1st year okay, but the cravings and feeling like I would go crazy without a soda pop or some other source of sugar drove me mad. By the end of the first year I begain to question the why behind. This of cource lead me to HFCS. I knew it was in different types of foods and I had seen the ridiculous ads about HFCS being natural and made from corn. However, starting to question it made me really start looking at the lables on the foods that I was eatting. I came to realize that foods like a well known brand of cerel advertised as healthy and good for weight loss not only had sugar, but also HFCS. I couldn't understand why would they need both. At this point I decided let try cutting HFCS out of my diet. I begin with cereals, breads, and yes soda. I was not really expecting much, but with in a month of replacing things with foods free of HFCS I notice a huge difference in my cravings and sugar crazyness. So January will be a full year of working towards a HFCS free diet. At times I found it a challenge since my family does really believe in the whole thing. Although I not a 100% free most days I can say I am at least 80-90% free. Although I still like my occational soda I have found so really great natrual ones that I think tast better then the top brand names.

P.S. On a different note I continued my research on HFCS and natural occuring F found in fruit. I used my research to give a lecture at my weight support group. Although many were not sure of what to believe and still think moderation is the key to everything several of them have actuall started reading labels and trying to use and buy less foods with HFCS. Now if only we could get the big company's to see the damage there little chemistry project has created for the american public and world wide.

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Hi, I new and wanted to introduce myself
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