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 Just saying hi

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PostSubject: Just saying hi   Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:55 am

I discovered I was corn syrup intolerant about three days before Halloween. This was about three weeks after I discovered I was a celiac. After going through that, I realized how pervasive corn syrup really is. there wasn't a single candy out there without corn syrup. Even if I could avoid the gluten and the milk, I couldn't avoid the corn syrup and still buy it.

So I decided to create my own candy making book which will bet titled "For the Love of Candy." Everything will be corn syrup free and there will be alternatives that don't have milk, gluten, soy, or nuts either. Until my sister and I are able to complete the book we will be posting a few of the recipes here. We have corn syrup free lollipops up and soon we will have jellies there as well. I hope we are able to help each other through this transition and be able to enjoy the things we love.
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Just saying hi
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