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 Chanel Handbags foundation

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PostSubject: Chanel Handbags foundation   Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:50 am

Of necessity the symbol must expand into the Chanel Handbags edifice. While D?dalus, who is strength, was measuring; while Orpheus, who is intelligence, was singing—the pillar, which is a letter; the arch, which is a syllable; the pyramid, which is a word, set in motion at once by a law of geometry and a law of poetry, began to group themselves together, to combine, to blend, to sink, to rise, stood side by side on the ground, piled themselves up into the sky, till.And this is true to such a degree, that not only every religious symbol, but every human thought, has its page and its memorial in that vast book.
During its first period, while theocracy is organizing Europe,Designer Chanel Handbags while the Vatican is collecting and gathering round it the elements of a new Rome, constructed out of the Rome which lay in fragments round the Capitol, while Christianity goes forth to search among the ruins of a former civilization, and out of its remains to build up a new hierarchic world of which sacerdotalism is the keystone, we hear it stirring faintly through the chaos.Each generation in passing inscribes its line in the book; it rubs out the ancient Roman hieroglyphics from the frontispiece—hardly that one sees here and there some dogma glimmering faintly through the new symbol overlying it.
In this way, under the pretext of building churches to the glory of God, the art developed to magnificent proportions.For the rest, this phenomenon of an architecture belonging to the people succeeding an architecture belonging to a caste, which we have observed in the Middle Ages, occurs in precisely analogous stages in human intelligence at other great epochs of history.; in antiquity, Egyptian architecture—of which the Etruscan style and the Cyclopean monuments are but a variety—is succeeded by the Greek, of which the Roman is merely a prolongation Cheap Chanel Handbags burdened with the Carthaginian dome.
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PostSubject: my   Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:11 am

good post lol!
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Chanel Handbags foundation
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