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 Buying in bulk and On-line

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PostSubject: Buying in bulk and On-line   Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:11 am

So you want to eat healthy, but can't afford it. Wrong, eating healthy has nothing to do with cost. Where you buy your food and how you buy it is the cost factor. We have learned to buy many products on-line and in bulk saving thousands of dollar on our annual food budget. If you bake at home you need yeast, baking powder, and baking soda. Buy them in the store and you pay 10 times more. We buy aluminum free baking powder for 40 cents you pay $4 for the same amount. You buy it in 8 ounce tins and we buy 8 lbs at a time. By watching the shipping rates and volume purchased we water down the shipping and buying on-line eliminates the local taxes which often cover the shipping. We buy all of our spices in bulk along with sugar and flour. Tomatoes, tomato puree and tomato sauce come in big cans, but can be broken into freezer size or re-canned in smaller unit. We buy real cocoa (chocolate 100%) and you buy candy bars that often have no cocoa or less than 10%.

Imagine cutting 30 to 50% of your grocery bill. Buying in bulk is like investing forward. If you need 3 lbs of corn starch in 6 months and can buy it for one-tenth of the local price including shipping, why are you buying it in the little boxes?

Buing on-line means you have more vendors to select from and can select quality healthy products. has a number of great food products at very reasonable prices. offers many healthy basic spices (the blends are questionable since they may include MSG). Knowing where safe foods can be found and where the best prices are is the first step. This could be the spot to shop for ideas, help chip in and we can save money while avoiding HFCS.
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Buying in bulk and On-line
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