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 Good names for a vegan recipe blog?!?!?

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PostSubject: Good names for a vegan recipe blog?!?!?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:55 am

I'm a vegan and have lots of good recipes that I've made up. I want a good name for a blog where I can share my recipes and photos. What are some names for a blog? I have some people that are interested in veganisim so having a blog would be the best way for me to share recipes. Any ideas are appreciated?

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PostSubject: Blog name   Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:16 am

Since your post was a few months ago this may be late. My main WEB site is Notice the rmtrain is the main WEB site. I can then add other sites of interest. I am a consultant so I have I provide on-line training so I have others like or I am very interested eating healthy chemical free foods so I also have and People do not type WEB sites in very often, but find links on Google or other sits like face book, so being a little long is not bad, but don't let it get too long.

I am suggesting you create a WEB site with a short name, maybe an abbreviation like vegan01, vegan is probably already taken. Then you can create WEB sites with themes. One might be eating vegan another might be growing for the vegan life style and the third might be a BLOG for interaction. News sites can have feedback, but not at the level of a Blog. Blogs have lot's of interaction, but not necessarily detailed articles with pictures. You may want both. You can link users between the WEB sites so they can easily move between them.

Now that you have a basic name like vegan01 you can add more descriptive names like Com is for commercial sites. Org is for organizations.

I would suggest or great prices and real 24/7 support. Wordpress is free and has some great WEB site themes that are also free. I would install Captcha for your comments on newsletter type sytes and piwik to monitor your WEB site traffic.

Search google for Captcha, piwik, Wordpress and Wordpress themes. Having a WEB site is one thing, marketing it is another. Once you get the site look into SEO and SEM practices again search Google. If not on Facebook, Twitter or Stumble become a member and talk your WEB site up and what people can find.

A good name is one that identifies the topic, but that is not always possible. Here we see Stophfcs, another is BANhfcs but if those are taken you may have to settle for an abstract NOMOREHFCS (NMHFCS). It is your SEO and SEM work that will drive people to your WEB site. And great pictures and articles or recipes will keep them coming back. "TheVeganStove" sounds warm and friendly. "MyVeganStove" makes it personal. "OurVeganStove" makes it a community.

Hope this helps.
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Good names for a vegan recipe blog?!?!?
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